Peace & Acceptance


Call this another round of art therapy, if you will. I’ve had a lot of feelings lately and have found they don’t take to being bottled up too kindly. This one is a hard one to put in words but I’ll try my best. It’s not hopelessness and it’s certainly not ingratitude. But it’s the willingness to accept both the good and bad of life. The heavy, yet still disappointed, contentment. It’s latching on to the hope of there being something more than just this world and that being enough for me to endure the rest.

God has blessed us, don’t get me wrong, but I try not to attribute specific things to his direct intervention in my life. How then could I explain why one child was healed and one child was not, when both were loved and prayed for equally? How can I explain us narrowly avoiding a car accident, yet a life being claimed in another one? Or why the same cancer is easily eradicated in one person and inexplicably incurable in the next? I have a hard time thinking God sits in heaven with a pointer stick saying, save this one but not that one. This feeling that I’m painting is the acceptance of the fact that we aren’t promised to live in a protected blessings bubble while in this world, and the determination that my faith won’t be easily shaken because this world is not all there is.



More details:

  • Heavy body acrylic on canvas
  • 16x20in 1.5in thick

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