Here are some of my favorite business supplies from Amazon. Please note that if you purchase through these links, I do get a small commission that will inevitably be used to purchase...more supplies. 


"How do you make your art prints?"

First, I'll say I tried quite a few online printers and I wasn't pleased with the quality. There were also a few defects sent out under my business and that just breaks my heart. I want to physically inspect every piece of art that goes out my door and this is the way to do it. I invested in a Canon printer, official ink and some awesome paper. The paper feels like a mixed media paper with almost the same finish. If you want a more "photo" feel then choose the Premium Luster option. 

I do scan my prints in and format them in Photoshop first. My scanner is old, so it's not listed but it was expensive and still does the job so we're keeping her for now. I find that scanning gives a level of crispness that a photo of the painting doesn't allow when dealing with line art and watercolors. If you're working with other mediums, a photo might work great though!


Favorite Packaging Supplies - Coming Soon!